Ruben Lancia
CEO - AlkaVie Solutions

Angelo Vilardo
President - AlkaVie Solutions


Peter Antony
COO - AlkaVie Solutions

Family is Always First!

We are an eclectic group of individuals brought together by common values. Our strongest is our love for our families and communities. We work to make a small but impact contribution to help ensure a healthy planet for all of us to thrive.

Help Save the Planet!

Our solutions cover a wide range of applications which are currently a priority in healing our planet  Our range of solutions are approved by accredited organizations which can be used to clean your home and office. Our green certified Surface Kleen is the perfect all purpose cleaner. 

A solution for clean water initiatives!

As the world is ever changing, the need for clean water is growing. Our solution through clean water initiatives will positively impact a greater opportunity for fertile soil and a movement to stabilize a basic need for survival.

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